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    fruitcake game 2004

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jim
    Okay Guys,

    Some of us have decided to revive the SBN fruitcake tradition on BCSB.

    The fruitcake is the gift that keeps on getting given. No one like fruitcake, it's a silly gift. Most people receive one and pass it on. So we have a fruitcake avatar.

    The rule:

    When you are 'given' the fruitcake, you must wear it as your avatar for a minimum of 48 hours.

    The object:

    Pass the fruitcake to someone who makes a 'fruity' reply. Only the person with the fruitcake can give it away. Think of it like the game 'tag'. If someone refuses to play the game and doesn't take the fruitcake, we will have a public flogging . If your fruitcake isn't taken, take it very personally and give it to someone else.

    Fruitcake transfers are to stay in the open forum, don't mess up other forums with transfers.

    I'll start with it, and pass it on as I see fit, so watch for it. I'll also attach a copy of the avatar so it's easy to find if it's lost.

    This is just a silly thing we had some fun with on SBN, try and keep it that way.

    I bestow the fruitcake too Giuseppe, for all the "Jojo" bs and his pending career as a figure skater...
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