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    Question Vance & Hines...

    Anyone here have a Vance and Hines pipe? How do u like it? Why do u prefer this over the others?

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    Got the tiny little racing model on the track bike. Sounds good and would probably be OK for the street as long as you don't go crazy in the concrete jungle.

    It's an old one though so I have no idea what the new ones are like
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    Vance and Hines on in-line 4's definitely have a unique sound. Very 'mechanical sounding' i.e. has a sound close to open pipes. Raspy and crackly as opposed to a hum.

    Every chance I get, I'll have a listen to various V&H systems thoughout my travels. Everytime, I'm surprised as to the slight variations in sound but with resounding similarities.
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    I had a Vance&Hines full system on my ZX7-R before my full Yoshimura. I liked it , it had a unique sound. one thing I recomend is that if your goin' to put on a full system you should get a k&n air filter and a dynojet kit also. Set those three things up properly wow! what a difference.

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    I had a pair on my TLR before and well...the right inside portion of the pipe blew a hole. They leaked around the rivets. I've gon through 2 brackets. They've shot out all their packing (even after repacking) after a month or two...on the plus side they shoot flames like a cannon and scare people.

    I had the carbon slip ons. I don't recommend getting them really but it depends on how you ride. The bike was tracked pretty good so that might have something to do with it. Also that it's carbon...

    Good luck with your pipe search.
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