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    Question R6 Frame Slider Question

    I have been doing some research lately on fully protecting my baby(03 R6). I already have the upper frame sliders, spool sliders on the way (thanx ebay), but what about fork sliders and lower frame sliders??????? You can purchase clutch sliders but they are only for the one side. Knowing my luck i will go down on the unprotected side....

    I have found those on http://www.rg-racing.com/sports-bike...003-lower.html and http://www.rg-racing.com/fitting/yam...03-lowers.html are there any companies out there suppling these in North America?
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    hey...here is a thought...dont fuck up and go down.....if u think u gonna bail..u gonna bail goode....i like how your preparing yourself for that fall....atta boi......:S
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    You can get R & G both left and right lower ("clutch") sliders from topendz.com. The proprietor's name is Simon and the quality is very good. Tell him Richard sent you.

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