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Thread: GPS Tracking Interest?

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    Post GPS Tracking Interest?

    Hey everyone,

    I am from PageNet Canada, you may have seen our booth at Import Showoff @BC Place last month. We had on display a Suzuki GSX-R with a GPS tracking unit.

    I am just wondering how many people would be interested in such a product?

    We currently have a unit for automobiles and would be interested in hearing from you guys about what features and capabilities you would want.

    If you are interested in doing some BETA testing please send me an email to: with your contact information and what type of bike you own.


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    I came close to picking up a Garmin 176C for my bike, as they have many of the feature I have listed below and the fit nicely on a RAM mount--which can also be used for video cameras, another toy I will be adding in time.

    Features that are important for me:

    - waterproof
    - large, colour display
    - decent storage for uploading street maps
    - buttons that can be used while wearing gloves
    - backlit for night riding
    - affordable

    I would also like the following stats available; total distance, average speed, top speed, real time speed, etc.

    Am I dreaming or can you make this happen?
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    Originally posted by vrecksler
    I came close to picking up a Garmin 176C for my bike, as they fit nicely on a RAM mount which can also be used for video cameras.

    Am I dreaming or can you make this happen?
    Actually, this unit is a stealth tracking unit, not used for navigation but for security.

    I will post more details soon.

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    as long as it is extremely difficult to detect and remove by thieves, affordable, and gets my bike back if the unspeakable should happen, you can count me in for one of those for my car AND bike.

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    I think it is the best damn idea ever.

    With all the bikes getting riped off now a days it a great idea.

    If you can keep it to a monthly bill of $15.00 to $30.00 it would be a great idea.

    If the price is right it should be easy to get every rider to put one on the bike. As most guy put everything they have into the bikes.

    If you get it up and going please let me now.

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    Dizzy I'm curious, has Pagenet tried or have they worked out anything with ICBC where a person who has such a system could get a break on their comp coverage? It would seem that it would be in ICBC's best interest to have as many bikes and cars as possible with this type of tracking but I guess with all the red tape and bullshit in ICBC negotiation would probably be anywhere from difficult to non existent?

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