another rider down but not out
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Thread: another rider down but not out

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    another rider down but not out

    whent out for a quick ride today and was swooping back and forth on an access road trying to warm my tires and motor up, i got a little caried away at about 80kph and high sidded my r6. the bike through me down the road (thank god for ridding gear) and the bike whent into the ditch (flipping) and hit a tree. im all right except for a little knee skin and alot of pride. by the way dose anyone have a front fork and a front rotor for an r6? Thanks

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    Ouch. Glad to hear that you're okay.
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    Gotta take it easy in the cold. Glad you were on the R6 and not the R1. Glad you're okay too.
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    Ouch that sucks, but man you had to be heaving on it to do what you did. Warming up your tires is one thing but man it's winter and it's not a race track. Don't need to be whipping it that hard to warm em up! Just give them some TIME

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    glad to hear you're ok. For the time of year it's best to keep the speed down
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    Ouch. Heal fast.
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