Air Bag for riders
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Thread: Air Bag for riders

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    Air Bag for riders

    Heard about this a few years back and it seems it's starting to get into production. (me hopes..)

    Air bag vest
    Back on the saddle.

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    Wow thats very cool. If it does hit the market I'd buy one if I were to ride on the street again.

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    airbags in cars are $3000 each, sooo i don't think this technology would be anywhere near affordable
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    Still doesn't help with the lower part of the body, the way the dummy smoked the bars with its knees..ouch..not to mention the skidding it did with its lid across the hood. Ha ha they probably edit out the last bit, from showing the face plant landing on the other side of the car.
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    actually there is a different version to be marketed in europe soon. it's a little larger than a radar detector and attatches to the back of your helmet. supposed to be in the 100 euro range.

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