Our Volunteers are #1..again ;-)
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Thread: Our Volunteers are #1..again ;-)

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    Our Volunteers are #1..AGAIN!!!!

    As some but not all of you may know, our super WMRC volunteer Deb has been awarded the first annual passing of the Ken Hoshowski Award (Auger to us here). It's one of the highest awards the club now gives out, and it's to the member who exhibits the highest degree of selfless contibution to racing and racing safety in British Columbia. Generally a non-racing member, who shows a totally selfless commitment and dedication to the sport we hold dear.
    Congrats Deb, everyone's number 1 choice.
    Debbie would be the first to say that it's in part to the excellent crew she commands at the track.
    Proof sometimes comes by other sources!
    A very select group of the current WMRC marshalls, under the direction of Deb and a few other top WMRC volunteers, have been asked (actually received a personnal request to attend) to marshall at the sold-out event at Laguna Seca WSB this summer. Think of the volume of people they have available to them, and realise that we are lucky to have some great experienece at our own doorstep. It's realised elsewhere!
    and thanks
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    DO IT!

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    congrats debbie!

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    Wow, that great for Deb. Congrats.
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    Deb rocks!! I blame her for this bug.

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    Yay Deb!!
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    Thank-you very much, I'm blushing. Oh wait, that's fever. (Damn getting sick at Christmas).
    As Joseph, our pre-grid guy, is fond of saying: WMRC has long been known for their dedicaton to excellence in marshalling. Long before I was on the scene. I am merely carrying out a proud tradition.
    To receive Ken's award is an honour almost without words. I rode with Ken (Auger) for the better part of 15 years and always enjoyed his company. He would be silent most of the time, then out of the blue come up with something that had you spitting out your milk and falling our of your chair laughing. Ken exemplified what marshalling should be. He was always looking for ways to improve safety, of both the racers and staff. When we lost Ken, racing lost a huge advocate. He will forever be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harps
    Wow, that great for Deb. Congrats.
    I second, third and fourth that!. Deb is so devoted to the race it couldn't have gone to a more suitable person.

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