wtb:slip ons for a R6
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Thread: wtb:slip ons for a R6

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    wtb:slip ons for a R6

    akrapovic or yosh
    if anybody is selling
    icq me at 93497038

    btw boy ninja, did you ever end up selling your yosh pipe?

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    totalled 2001 R6
    yeah dood...sold it already....

    but i say if you got the money...go for the akro...i just love the way that thing purrs...hehehe...

    but i never did complain bout my yosh...looked good too.
    ride safe fellaz...i'm lucky to be alive

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    Yosh R6 slipon $400 like new! bfr1@overthetop.ca
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    too bad. I just sold mine today. The Yosh sounds great on the R6. Akra's are a little quiet for my liking.

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