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    Hey Guys,

    I want to make my 03 gsxr-750 which is geared stock to wheelie better what size sprokets should i go with, I was told to go down one on the front is that right.

    Later Leep

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    or two up on the rear?

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    1 down in front is 2.8 or so up in back.
    I did that with my 1000 and it makes a big difference.
    It is also cheaper.
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    One down on the front let's you keep your stock chain. Going larger in the rear is the prefferable method but it requires a new rear sprocket and chain. For that reason one down at the front is the way to go for now but when it's new chain and sprockets time go back to stock on the front and bigger on the rear and cut the new chain to fit.

    Going smaller on the front will wear the chain and both sprockets faster than with the stock size. How much faster is a guess but if you figure that you'll get between 10 and 15% less kms of life then it's probably not far off.
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    i went 1 down ,5 up in the rear on my f4 ,first it was 1 down 3 up and now its 15/50 520 chain top speed is sacficed but i figure the tickets wont be as large if i cant do 250KM ,,,but 0-100 is a rush for a 600!

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