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    phantom menace

    filters & filtering

    i am getting a custom map made for my '03 R6 (instaling pcIII , graves v-stacks , ackro slip on) and was wondering if i should also go ahead and change to a BMC air filter , i hear there the best will. but do they filter well ??,.... more air = more dirt right?? and would it make a diff in hp ??

    thanx in advance !!!!!

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    The stock filters nowadays that are oiled foam are really good for airflow vs dirt catching. Basically if you hold up the filter to the light and can see any direct light through the material then you will get fine particles through there. If the BRC fails this test then you may want to consider keeping it stock even if the BRC flows a bit more. After all, on the street just how much time DO you spend at redline where it'll make a difference?

    Even the K&N fails this test. I think it's a case of folks not using such filters for areas where there's any significant dust so it isn't a big deal over the time period of their ownership.

    A stock filter cleaned and PROPERLY oiled more often to ensure a good airflow is probably a good compromise. By properly oiled this means wetted out but not loaded. I like to oil a bit liberally but then I pad it vigorously on paper towels until no wet oil comes off on the towel. Just a slight surface trace.
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    on the old model r6's i have seen some actually lose power with k&n's,the bmc's are generally a better filter but really i dont think its worth the cash.just replace the oem when needed.

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    I would have to agree with j1k just replace as needed with oem. I have heard of cases with the gixxers losing power with K&N filters as well

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    phantom menace
    hmmmm,. .. i would have thought that with the pcIII with the aftermarket filter would be better ???,... but i just don't want more dirt going in ....

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    Not sure why you are getting a map made for a slipon and some v stacks? How much does it cost to get a map made? I can see using a downloadable map ofr the dyno jet site if you were running a full system and v stacks but with a slip-on the stock mapping for the pc3 should be fine. I would suggest staying with the stock filter as well. Spend you money on a smaller front sprocket good tires and some tracks days.

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