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    Washington bike in BC

    There was some discussion here a few days back . A BC resident who owned a bike in Washington asked if he could legally ride it here in BC. One poster quoted the 30 or 90 day "exemption" period & said that all the BC owner had to do was keep taking the bike out in 29 days or less & bring it back in again. I contacted Washington DMV and asked them the question....

    if a BC resident owned a MC that was regsitered in Washington, could it be considered legally registered in Washington?

    This was their response...

    "You must be a Washington resident in order to keep the vehicle registered here"

    So the section that reads..

    Registration of foreign motor vehicles and trailers
    21 (1) The owner of a motor vehicle or trailer

    (a) that is duly registered outside British Columbia,

    (b) for which the licensing requirements of the jurisdiction in which it is registered are fulfilled, and

    (c) that has displayed on it the registration number plates of that jurisdiction for the current year

    is exempt from the requirements to register and license the motor vehicle or trailer under this Act, if

    (d) the owner or operator of the motor vehicle or trailer is in British Columbia for, and uses the motor vehicle or trailer for, touring purposes only, for a period of 6 months, or

    (e) the owner or operator of the motor vehicle or trailer is in British Columbia for, and uses the motor vehicle or trailer for, other than touring purposes, for a period of 30 days

    from the date he or she began to operate the motor vehicle or trailer on a highway in British Columbia.

    Section 21 (a) and (b) will apply here..they require the bike to be "duly registered" and the "licencing requirements....be fulfilled" in order for the exemption to apply. By being a BC resident you cannot legally have a bike legally registered in Washington State ..the "exemption" cannot apply and therefore you must register the bike in BC. If you register the bike in BC you must also purchase a minimum $200,000 3rd party liability insurance .
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    Something to bear in mind is that Washington registrations are not the same thing. So if you have a Washington bike with no insurace and it is stolen in BC while using it you're out of luck. And if you should cause any harm to anyone in any form of accident that results in a major liability claim then you just totally ruined yourself financially and would probably see future wages garnished for some years to come to cover the injury and rehab claim judgement. I also believe that operating a motor vehicle in BC is a criminal offense so you'd have a record as well.

    This would apply even to the 30 day part. So if anyone tries this be sure you get some Washington insurance to cover any claims that may arise.
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