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    exchange question

    I was just on the opp site and selected 860 us$ worth of race parts, I then clicked on the canadian dollar version of the site and the total came to 1201.80 can$. then I went to an online curency converter and did the conversion, 860 us$ = 1045.79 can$ ? dose this mean I get about a 155 $ discount if I order the parts in us dollars?

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    No cuz the US dollar has a different value in the States than in Canada. If you do the conversion down there, its more expensive, so you should do it here, and then send it down there. It might only work if you send cash though.

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    OPP is located in Port Coquitlam.

    This is not the best place to ask this question. Why don't you just contact OPP instead and ask if you can get a better deal in Canadian dollars?

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    1201.80 / 860 results in an implied exchange rate of 1.40 which is absolute CRAP. Current exchange rates are in the neighbourhood of 1.22 so the Canadian equivalent should be in the neighbourhood of that 1045 you quoted. Meaning they're making money on the parts and the foreign exchange.

    If they require $US, buy the money here and pay them in $US, don't take their conversion rate.

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    ya I found the same thing, I e-mailed them, have not yet recieved an answer, but then I did e-mail on Boxing day......Good idea to pay in US fund though, I hadn't thought of that.....
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    im not sure why the price is higher maybe the currency converter he is using is not current or is a fixed rate .Im sure it would be a giant pain in the ass to fix the currency rate every 15 min ,but i know he would only charge the going rate at the day of purchase .Your credit card company is the one who will decide the rate of the day,however and whenever they do that .If your paying cash ,your best option is to buy US dollars at the best rate you can and pay with that .Remember also both taxes will be added if you buy within canada ,,,,and i belive no TAXES if paid with US $ within the US .easiest thing to do is call to confirm .I can get you anything you want in CND cash at a better deal than the website all day .

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    I'm sure it's only that he has not updated the prices on the site. If you contact him it should be easy to get the latest prices. No need to go and buy American $.
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