1000km service
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    1000km service

    any honda owners done thier first 1000km service. what do they do, and how much does it cost?

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    the first 1,000km is generally an oil change and check the chain and tighten if it needs to be...

    maybe double check all the bolts on the bike, tripple clamp, clipons, axle, brake calipers etc..

    these are things you can do on your own, and arnt very hard to do either!
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    1st service, oil change and JS after that comes the 200-250 dollar bill.

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    Do it yourself and save the dough. Dealers will try to tell you its part of the warranty but it is not. At least not with Suzuki. The only thing on the engine they may check is the idle speed.

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    i think my bill was $180.

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    I was ripped off over $200 for my FZ6 first service (5,000 km). They give you a list as long as your arm of things they do, but it's all really BS ...like "checking steering". It's a basic oil change and chain tension check, and putting oily fingerprints all over your gleaming tank. Take it from one who learned the hard way, and do it yourself. My local friendly Yamaha dealer got me once, but never again.

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    The 1000km service is the most important one. It's more than just an oil change.
    What gets checked and adjusted if necessary are the following:
    Oil Change as noted above
    Valve clearance
    Carburetor synchronization
    Steering Bearings
    Sidestand switch
    Engine oil filter element
    Final gear oil
    Control cables

    If you have the ability to be able to check and do any adjustments yourself, you are fortunate. I don't have the ability or the place (at this point in time) to do that kind of work.
    One of the reasons the first 1000km service is so important is because during the breaking in period of your bike, there will be metal deposits that need to be cleaned out. It will help to prolong the life of your engine if you make sure you get it done.
    I was having some problems shifting just before the service. After the service it was great. When things are new and getting broken in, cables can stretch, and make shifting difficult.
    If you are going to take care of the service yourself, make sure you get your owners manual out and see what is required for your particular bike.
    Protect your investment and be thorough with your service on it.

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    different bikes require differnet things. most sportbikes don't need much except a good lookover and oil change. some cruisers need more intensive treatment.

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    I paid $193.51 for the 1000 km service on my 04 F4i at the dealer. The base charge is $120. The servicing listed on my invoice (checked and/or adjusted) are:

    oil change
    oil filter
    oil plug washer replaced
    throttle cable play adjustment
    clutch play
    air cleaner
    drained crank breather
    final drive oil
    cooling system topped up
    drive chain lube and adjustment
    steering bearings checked
    front/rear brakes checked
    front/rear tire checked

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    hahahahahaha. does your f4i have final drive oil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssblade
    different bikes require differnet things. most sportbikes don't need much except a good lookover and oil change. some cruisers need more intensive treatment.
    That's the kicker right there. A good mechanic will actually check everything
    on the bike to make sure no nuts have gotten loose, things aren't wearing funny,
    everything's adjusted right, etc.

    If you aren't mechanically inclined, or lazy, this service is worth it to notice
    the little things that will cause havoc down the line.

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