Has anybody had a call from "bc federation of police off. funding"?
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Thread: Has anybody had a call from "bc federation of police off. funding"?

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    Has anybody had a call from "bc federation of police off. funding"?

    I received a call today, in regards to pledging funds for the "bc federation of police officers". this pertains to the likes of all bc Metro police units. (or so i was told).

    the fella on the phone gave me a website to check out bcfedpolice.com

    but the site looks welfare to me. perhaps they just can't afford maintenance on a fancier site, however, i thought i'd touch base with you guys and see if this was a scam.



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    Can't the stand outside liquor stores like the rest of them?

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    If you do give be sure to get a sticker for the car or bike. It is amazing how much stickers can do when getting pulled over...of course mine are always on the negative side.

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    I believe there was something on the news last week about how a group was trying to collect money and saying it was going to your local police dept when it fact it was not. I have no idea if this is the organization that is related to that or not but it wsa on the news.

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    maybe it's a sting op.

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    BC Federation of Police Officers / Tele-Marketing

    This information was previously put out by the Kamloops Detachment RCMP

    This message is being forwarded again due to the fact the Kamloops City Detachment of the RCMP is still receiving calls in regards to Tele-Marketing being carried out by the BC Federation of Police Officers. Most callers want to know if in fact this Organization is RCMP related. It is not.

    To provide clarification on this organization and to assist in service to our clients and the citizens involved, the following information is being provided.

    The BC Federation of Police Officers is a registered society which is made up of Police Officers within British Columbia. It raises funds through a variety of methods, one which is Tele-marketing or telephone solicitation.

    This Federation is not a sanctioned nor affiliated organization of the RCMP. There have been indications made that this Federation has raised funds that have been forwarded into RCMP youth programs and initiatives. This is not the case in Kamloops. The Federation IS NOT collecting funds which will be directed to the “E” Division RCMP Members Memorial.

    Be advised that the RCMP does not engage in telephone solicitation of any kind to raise funds.

    As with any fund raising initiative, Police advise the public to be vigilant and to question those collecting funds for any cause. There are many avenues open including the Better Business Bureau and researching the group through the internet to ascertain if they, their telemarketing firm, and their “causes” are legitimate.


    Brian Flanagan, Cst.
    Kamloops Media Relations
    560 Battle Street
    Kamloops, BC V2C 6N4

    Phone: (250)828-3068
    Fax: (250)828-3210
    Email: brian.l.flanagan@rcmp-grc.gc.ca
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    hahaha.......hey RWR.....dude....u need to either move outta there..or just start over sowmehre else.....sorry buddy.....
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    i am employed by MTS, who makes calls on behalf of the British Columbia Federation of Police Officers. the BCFP is a legitimate organization and is one of the biggest Federations in BC and has been around for over 30 years and has over 1,000 members. Donations help support the BC federation of Police Youth Initiative Fund which provides grants to youth in need, it gives them an opportunity of special recreational/educational programs, It also supports lobbying efforts of the federation to improve legislation to keep violent offenders in jail where they belong as well as supporting the federations memorial fund which provides benefits to the families of officers that have been killed in the line of duty. In no way is the BCFP associated with the RCMP and that is disclosed in calls when the callers state that he/she is calling on BEHALF of the BCFP. Questions and Comments can be directed to www.bcfedpolice.com or for more information about the BCFP, please call 800-423-9649.

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    Why can't they get their shit together and stop calling every 2 months then? Even after my wife gives them money, they send a letter asking for the cheque 3 weeks AFTER they run they cash her cheque.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Focker View Post
    Why can't they get their shit together and stop calling every 2 months then? Even after my wife gives them money, they send a letter asking for the cheque 3 weeks AFTER they run they cash her cheque.

    The reason for the calls is not to be a burden on anyone financially or otherwise, thats the last thing the federation would want. The federation runs numerous constant fund drives every chance they get to try and raise benefits for these causes as well as others and what they do is gather a detailed list of past supporters to keep them envolved with the federation. If your wife does not wish to remain an active supporter, alls she has to do is decline or request that her information be removed from the system and it will be done within 72 hours, but usually less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focker View Post
    they send a letter asking for the cheque 3 weeks AFTER they run they cash her cheque.
    That's almost as bad as someone responding to a thread three YEARS AFTER it was typed!
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