project endless, put to rest?
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Thread: project endless, put to rest?

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    project endless, put to rest?

    My soon to be wife has informed me that I need to get rid of my bike. So I guess I will be parting it out. The swingarm conversion will be sold on ebay if anyone is intested. The only thing it will not include is, The mounting brackets that will have to be made to connect the lower link to the frame, nothing to that though. If anyone has any particular part they are wanting, let me know.

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    hmmm, ur being punished and having your bike taken from you, and you're rewarding her by marrying her??

    something wrong with that picture
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    I say keep the bike and kick her to the curb. Nobody should be able to tell you if you can ride or not. What's next? Can't have beer with the boys?
    You need to think like Frank the Tank!

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    keep the bike under the front porch ,,i saw that on COACh one time

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    That's the gayest thing I've heard today...tell her to fuck off for me.
    R.I.P. Danimal

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    Set your priority straight man and show her who's the boss. You might get any for a while but you can always go ride.
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    in all seriousness there is no way in HELL id get rid of my bike cuz the wifey told me to .She knows better than to do that,,not like id choose it over my wife ,but she would never EVER make me make that ridiculous choice .

    sorry dude ,im sure your balls will drop after the reception J/K

    Ive been married for 8 yrs ,only thing ive ever gotten rid of for my wife is my gut.And thats come back so goes to show ya whos the boss .

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    humans come and go but the memory of a bike lasts forever.

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    A good wife would never make you get rid of your pride and joy.

    Tell her she has to sell her blowdryer and makeup then.

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    My GF would never dream of telling me to get rid of my bike. Nor would she do that other girl thing where she makes you think it's your idea to do something, like get rid of a bike.
    I asked her once why not, and she said, "Because I know that after a couple weeks you'd be miserable as hell, and I would never want to see you like that."
    Now THAT'S understanding.
    I think you need to have a frank discussion with your fiancee, unless getting rid of the bike will serve some greater good (ie: being able to purchase a house). Even then, make sure she promises you that she won't bitch in a season or two when you want to buy another machine.
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    maybe it's just to get you to work on the bike faster and get it done. _Otherwise she shouldn't be saying anything if it's something you enjoy doing. (working on the bike)
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    Speaking from experience...Don't unless you want to. My wife of 16 years asked me to sell my bike before we got married. I agreed for two reasons: 1. We were looking to buy a our first condo and 2. My GS400 was running into mechanical difficulties. She knew that I would buy again one day. Who knew that day would be 15 years later!!!

    15 years = Moving from a condo to a house + a dog+litte girl+little boy. We were so busy with life that I kept on putting it off. Now I have my new love of my life (F4i) and we're having fun. My wife wants to have a threesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris72983
    My soon to be wife has informed me that I need to get rid of my bike.
    ... And you didn't even ask for a reason why? What's up with that?

    In the past (and soon again) my wife has made it possible for me to acquire bikes and go riding/racing, by reorganizing our finances to put money aside so that I can indulge in my passion. And when people have asked her if she worries about me racing, she tells them she'd much rather see me riding on a racetrack than out on the streets. (I agree, which is why I sold the street bike to buy a race bike.)

    I know how lucky I am to have her (for many reasons other than just the bike thing), and I don't take that for granted.

    Oh, and this is the same wife who bought me Faster and One Man's Island DVDs this Christmas. It's good to be me.
    "When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"

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    I have a simple fix just buy the wife a bike so rides also. The only down fall is that you have to buy two of everthing. I have to drag my wife out of the bike shop. Funny how that is eh!!! lol

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