Looking for Wave rotors for GSXR 1k (2004)
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Thread: Looking for Wave rotors for GSXR 1k (2004)

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    Looking for Wave rotors for GSXR 1k (2004)

    Hi, would a kawie zx10 front rotor fit a 2004 gsxr 1k ?

    Gixxer rotors are warped. and I am looking to get better then stock ones..

    Thinking the wave rotor will cool better etc.. Ideas?

    any links for buying wave rotors from websites etc?

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    It would be a lot less expensive to buy aftermarket rotors like Galfer. The Kawi ones will cost a hell of a lot more.
    What was it all about?

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    i've had galfer's wave rotors before. personally i'd go with brembo or pvm. get the brembo master cylinder and rotors and the thing should stop way better. www.ema-usa.com

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    arent zx10 rotors 300mm and 04 gsxr 1000 is 310 ? get some older gsxr rotors for cheap from a pre 0'3 model and use spacers to bring the calipers out to 320 mm .A bit more stopping power,,as far as i know and i think the weight of the 300 compared to 320 isnt worth the reduced rotors size.

    from what ive read in the last while most bikes are fazing out the smaller rotor for radial mounts,,,suppopsedly the radial mount allowed for smaller rotors to make for less unsprung weight ...But i think now they see its not worth it and are going back to the larger rotors .I belive 636 went from 270 or 280 up to 300 or 310 and 04 r1 is already 320 .I bet zx10r wil have 320mm in 05 .
    Im sure in time we wil have 320 wave or wavy sort of disks on everything from 600 and up .

    But in the end the 320 looks a lot more tuff being that it takes up the whole wheel .and you can get those older rotors for a lot cheaper than 03-04

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