Jaw Problems in Helmet.
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Thread: Jaw Problems in Helmet.

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    Jaw Problems in Helmet.

    Hey, I need some help.

    I am currently wearing an older Arai Helmet, it says NRII on the side but I don't know if that is a model or not. I am looking to buy a new helmet but I have some concerns. I have really bad TMJ ( my jaw displaces ) And with the Arai it feels comfortable, but after anything over about an hour my jaw gets VERY sore and I can't open it without my jaw popping out of place. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps a helmet company that is still tight, but more forgiving in the jaw? The problem happens more in the back, under my ears. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Miguel

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    Is the helmet pressing on your jaw? What would a helmet need in order to solve your problem.

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    From looking at your avatar, I think I know why you have a jaw problem.
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    Phil that rocked, haha. No, the problem seems to be too much pressure on my jaw. I talked to someone about it, and they said that the Arai is more of a narrow helmet. What helmet types are more rounded? To say relieve some of the pressure there..?

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    Go to a dealer and talk to one of the sales reps there, and try all the lids on. Most of the reps know their stuff, And Its quite possible that you are not the only person who rides and has this thing with their jaw, and perhaps they have helped out somebody in your shoes before.

    But still maybe nobody else has this and you are just wierd? j/k

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    I know I am wierd, stop rubbing it it, It isn't my fault that I can't chew gum or my jaw messes up. DAMN YOU GUM!!!!

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    o to a dealer and talk to one of the sales reps there,
    and try all the lids on. Most of the reps know their stuff,
    And Its quite possible that you are not the only person who rides and has this thing with their jaw, and perhaps they have helped out somebody in your shoes before.
    hey wheezie why dont you try taking your own advice for a change?
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    Buying a helmet is like buying ski boots. Keep trying different ones on every time you see new models. When you find the one that fits, pay whatever the sticker says for it, or whatever talk the seller into accepting.

    People dick around with finding the cheapest thing they can find, and then spend a lot of time complaining about how uncomfortable it is, so they go out and buy another cheap one and complain about it instead, and so on. If they just spent more time finding the right helmet first, and spent a little more for it, they'd be a lot happier in the long run.

    It's the *only* way to be sure of getting a helmet (or ski boots) that is comfortable in the long term.

    (Disclaimer: when I did this, I found that the HJC CL-12 was the most comfortable helmet on *my* head... I lucked out in that it was one of the cheaper helmets available at around $250, but I was prepared to drop 3-4x that if that's what it took)
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    I can't help with a helmet suggestions but I would recommend that u go get a Night guard from u're dentist if u don't already have one.. I'm a dental hygienist with the same problem a night guard will help and u don't have to wear it every night I mostly wear mine when I'm stressed or feel my jaw acting up.

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    Thinner cheek pads? Just a thought. if it is the cheek pads that press on your jaw, and they ARE replacable, you may be able to get thinner ones from most bike stores. For example there's 3 availible sizes of cheek pads for my cheapo KBC TK8. Mind you they didnt have any at the warehouse and it would take months to order, so i ended up making my own. turned out perfect and just thin enough not to squeeze my face like originals and thick enough so my head isnt floppy.

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    I had/have the same problem with my Arai. After lengthy rides it seems to put my mouth in a weird position and sometimes my job will lock. I'm not too worried about it - I'm just more concious of it.

    Funny, i never thought to ask anyone else about it.
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    Yea, it can be rather painful. For example of how locked it gets, I can't even put 2 fingers in my mouth on top of eachother without getting teeth marks on my fingers. I considered a mouth guard a year or so ago, but it went away when I stopped chewing gum. I will see if the problem happens with a new helmet, if so I consult my dentist again.

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    Go see your dentist and take your helmet with you. See if he can help you identify any particular pressure areas that you need to pay attention to. I imagine he would be able to tell you where it is and isn't critical to avoid pressure from the helmet..
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    Bringing the actual helmet to the dentist is a good idea. I have a cleaning coming up, so I think I will do that. I was thinking, I could wear one of the night things that hold my jaw when I ride. I may not be able to talk, but hey! Would keep my jaw in line!

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    Mouth guard inside the helmet isn't that bad an idea. If you crash the mouthguard will also reduce the likelyhood of a concussion. Mountain bike racers wear them cuz they crash hard all the time.

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