Shok-SpotR helmet impact sensor
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Thread: Shok-SpotR helmet impact sensor

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    Shok-SpotR helmet impact sensor

    Gimmicky gadget or must-have accessory? At least it'll tell you if you're too busy to notice that you've smacked your head.

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    Legitimate question - Shok-SpotR

    Certainly not a must have, but it helps you follow the rule alot of us don't pay enough attention to: "...discard the helmet or have it inspected if it sees a severe blow...". We've been promoting it via the AMA's medical advisory board at Supercross. We've been surprised the number of racers that go down and don't realize how hard they've hit their helmet. Several examples in SX. Will be doing the same with AMA's help for sportbike starting at Daytona.

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