saturday, and planning to get drunk as fuck
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Thread: saturday, and planning to get drunk as fuck

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    saturday, and planning to get drunk as fuck

    hey team, was thinking of dusting off the bike today and getting ready for the season, but decided to see if troy had room for me for the first school instead, and also planned to get a ticket to dat's party. was feeling so good after the plan came together i thought i'd plan dinner and drinks instead of getting dirty. it's nice to have a day off after working two jobs full time the last month so todays menu, which i'm calling, "todays day off menu", will consist of,

    beer, red stripe today as i'm feeling kinda rasta like,

    a nice reisling for karen, as white wine makes her feel like she married a refined kinda guy,

    the sexiest martini this side of s club 7, tanqueray number 10, straight up with a twist, because it makes me feel like jordan szoke,

    followed by maple salmon, roasted garlic potatoes, sweet corn with red pepper, followed by banana's foster, then some dessert wine. man, am i going to get hammered. then i'm going to crank call some wmrc members. so don't answer your phones tonight.
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    i didn't get a phone call *sniff*

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