WTB: a 97+ bike for my 90 civic hb SI plus cash
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Thread: WTB: a 97+ bike for my 90 civic hb SI plus cash

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    WTB: a 97+ bike for my 90 civic hb SI plus cash

    just a heads up if someone wants to trade. I'm looking for a 97 and up bike, cosmetically doesn't have to be perfect, BUT engine and tranny has to be. gxer, cbr, yamaha's i dont really care, as long as it's a sports bike

    What I have:

    1990 Civic HB Si
    50,000 on new engine
    300k on body
    no accidents ever
    no rust
    clear corners
    performance exhaust (600+ bux brought at midas, lifetime warrenty)

    Since I had it, NOV 2002, i have put in a new alternator, new radiator, and oil changes regularily. Car was never driven hard, just used it for school/going out.

    there are three minor things: it was broken into 2 months ago while it was in storage, they screwed up for the lock on the driver side, and stolen the cd deck.
    The other thing, it needs an aligment.
    Also: the highbeams does not work, these things are minor, nothing major

    WILLING to pay up to 2500 plus my car for a bike


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