College Student: BIKE VS. CAR????
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Thread: College Student: BIKE VS. CAR????

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    Question College Student: BIKE VS. CAR????

    hey everyone,

    I'm new, and want to get into biking. I'm planning on taking the course at pro ride in a couple of months, and then going from there.

    I'm a college student and need a cheap way of transportation (buses don't run until 4 in the morning in most places)...

    Should I go for a bike or a car?
    I'm looking for cheap gas, cheap insurance, but something that's still fun to drive...

    I know getting a car would cost me about 3 grand, and insurance is another 2500 a year...and gas will be about 50-150 a month...

    How much would a bike be in comparison to that? (something like a 400cc...FZR 400???)

    Also, I want to be able to drive in the rain and harsh that easy to do on a bike with the proper gear?


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    If you're looking for cheap insurance, I would strongly reccomend the car over the bike.
    Its true, you do save a bit on gas over a car, but insurance and maintenance more than negates those savings.
    As for riding in rain/cold, its definately doable, but it will not be pleasant. Plus you are more likely to drop your bike on wet pavement.
    If you are asking bike vs car, I would have to say a car would fit your needs better, but definately look to invest in a bike when you know you can afford it, because it is worth it.
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    I'd say car as well. For the crap you have to transport back and forth to school it's just easier. Riding is not cheap no matter how you look at it. More fun definitely, but not cheap.

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    Our shittiest weather is during part of the academic year... like now!

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    Cheaper than a buss pass

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    Heres the deal, cars will protect somewhat you WHEN you get hit by another driver.
    And unlike simply missing work due to someone elses idiocy, you have to miss valuable school time if you get hit seriously enough on a bike.
    Bikes are never as cheap to operate in the long run as a cheap car is.

    So I cant recommend a bike for a student for any reason. I sold mine last summer to go back to school.

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    I have to agree with everyone here in that a bike is not a good choice as a primary means of transportation even though that is exactly what I did.

    Buy a cheapo car and study hard. Graduate then buy a better car to get around in and buy a bike but not for transportation but for fun. You'll love it and you'll still be able to have a life in the winter months.

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    go car. you can always get a bike later.
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    The only bike that'll be cheap is some old piece of s*** that's under 400cc. then your insurance is much cheaper than a car and you wont care if you drop it. but i think the convenience factor of a car will outweigh your marginal savings of the bike.

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    car's are cheaper... but I just can't admit it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridenrain
    Cheaper than a buss pass
    I'd Say a scooter too! cheaper on everything like Gas and insurance. 2 bucks in the tank can get you going for a week.
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    I think recommending a scooter is the dumbest thing for this guy... every argument that applies to bikes, cold weather, dropping it, rain, ability to transport stuff applies to the scooter.

    Buy a cheap car.

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    Nah, telling him that the bus is the best would be much worst.
    A car is cheaper per mile but initial costs will probably be much more and it really depends on where he is and where he's going. If he's ultimately planning to get a bike, the gear will be needed later and he'd be getting a great start, learning about 2 wheels in traffic.

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    Old stuff is old stuff, applies to a car or a bike. You could pick
    up a reliable Ninja 250 or FZR400 for $4k, drop $500 on it
    to get tires, a service, maybe a new chain. Basic insurance on
    mine is about $300/yr.

    On my POS '87 VW Fox winter beater, with full discount, basic
    insurance is about $1000/yr. I paid $1000 for the car, and
    put about $500 a year into it for parts and maintenance over
    the last 5 years.

    My wife's old scooter cost $2k for one with 2000kms on it
    (i.e., just a few months of use, just about new), $100/yr
    insurance, and got over 70mpg after I put $500 into the
    engine to modify it enough to run at 90km/hr. Before that
    the mileage was so high I didn't bother to calculate it.

    Gear. Helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, MINIMUM. Say $1000 if you
    don't have any of it, and can't find friends to snag their
    old gear from. "Biker" gear is much more sturdily constructed
    than "fashion" stuff, and is what you really need when you
    go down.

    Lessons? Up to you. I'd highly recommend them if you get
    a bike instead of a scooter. $500.

    I'd recommend a scooter for starting out to anyone. Who
    knows if you'll really like riding, and you can always flog
    it off to some other university student who needs cheap
    transport later.

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    I am new to riding myself so I am seeing the costs of insurance, gas, gear and just shitty riding in general so I will give you some pointers. I am now learning myself in winter, I haven't had a summer under my belt, so I can vouch for the shit weather since it is all I know. You are going to want a car. For cheap insurance you're going to want a 250 cc bike or something. I have a 450 because it was cheap to get, and insurance costs me $139 a month, it is terrible, my car with ALL INSURANCE was $162 and I have barely any insurance on my bike.

    Gear can rack up if you want to be safe and have reliable gear. And the weather conditions are terrible. You can feel safe as a rider in the rain, I feel comfortable, I just go slow in corners and be gentle on my breaking and don't put myself in situations where I Will have to hammer my front brake. But you have to be concerned, with fog, ice and rain you become less visible to the cagers and this makes it easier for them to hit you, or slide into you if they are trying to taxi stop at a sign, or making that last second lane change to make their missed turn.

    I would have to say you're going to want a car personally. . . If you need a cheap car just for school, PM me too, I am selling mine. But even if you don't want my car, go for a car over a bike. . .


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