BT010 versus BT020 experience
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Thread: BT010 versus BT020 experience

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    BT010 versus BT020 experience

    I've just replaced my BT010's with BT020's.

    My rear 010 was new this spring and I only got 12k by the wear marks. I finally ditched it at 15k where it had long since gone totally bald. Except for the short life it wore nicely...right to the bitter end. The front 010 was put on last Sept/Oct and replaced at 20k. It still had tread in the centre but was well past wear marks on the side. No cupping but heavily triangulated which made handling a nightmare (which is why I finally changed it).

    I can't live with new tires every 2 months so decided to try the 020's.

    My first impression is they have noticeably less traction. I had trouble doing stoppies when playing around in the parking lot. Just as it would start to lift the back wheel I could feel it slipping...any more brake would lock the front wheel. The skid marks were about 8 feet friend said she couldn't see the wheel lock until the end which is consistent with the slipping I was feeling in the first part of the skidmarks. I'm not saying you can't do stoppies with this tire, I'm sure someone with more "stoppie skill" probably could but it definitely slides easier than my 010's.

    Fully leaned over to scraping wasn't a problem, no slipping.

    The tire reacts to "tar snakes" and uneven pavement much more than the 010's did. Also it reacts to trail braking more noticeably than the 010's did.

    Over-all the tire handles reasonably well...I'm just not enthralled by the traction so the 020's had better last a lot longer than the 010's!!!

    Maybe next time I'll try a 010 on the front and a 020 on the back...although the tire profiles are quite different so it may not handle well.

    Anyway, I'd be interested to hear how others experience compares with these tires.


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    OMFG 15,000 km!! 20,000km!!!!
    I wish. Tires only last me like 6500 to 8000 at the very most! What's the secret to making them last that long?

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    Thanx for that run down Byron, I've been waitin for someone to post something like this.

    I'm due for a new set of tires soon. On 11k with my current set of BT010's.

    To answer Gixxer6Racer's question, I do alot of commuting. Heavy traffic doesn't allow me to accelerate very hard, I'll shift at 6 max and it'll take me a while to get to 6k rpms. I'll just sort of float it up there with hand wait as my throttle pressure.

    I don't take it easy during long trips, but I figure those extra easy K's commuting on the highway and city make a big difference in the mileage you get from tyres.
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    I got a bit over 10K on my D207. There was still quite a bit of tread on it but the flat spot in the center was driving me insane as the bike was handling a bit odd around straight up and tracking with road irregularities.

    I got a D220 (replacement for the D205 ) and I'm finding like BCRider that it doesn't have quite the traction of the 207. Nothing spetacular just the odd feel of a bit of slippage when cold. Actually I did feel them give a little once after riding for about 1/2 hour so perhaps they are a bit more slippery. Time will tell.

    But o first impressions I'm tempted to stick to the sport tires for the sport bikes in the future.

    And a big to BCRider for the review. This sort of real world reporting helps us all a LOT.
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    I have a 010 on the rear now and am getting a 012 on the front tomorrow at North Shore Suzuki/Yamaha.The 012 will be replacing a BT56SS I currently have on it.


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    Not bad, I got 9k from the Bt010, 7k from a D207

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    10-15K isn't too bad for a sticky street tire. Most people don't put that kind of mileage on in a couple of seasons. As you're finding, a higher mileage tire is going to be a harder compound, therefore not as sticky. There has to be tradeoffs.

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    Thanks for the review byron!

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