Travel Insurance........PRICELESS!
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Thread: Travel Insurance........PRICELESS!

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    Exclamation Travel Insurance........PRICELESS!

    What happened......
    I was in California last November , riding on a 125 cc dirt bike with full riding gear on. My foot
    slipped and I fell over. The bike fell across the back of my leg and snap....

    20 minute ambulance ride to hospital........$ 950 US.

    3 hours waiting in hallway of emergency , x-rays , a shot of painkiller in the butt , a temporary
    cast and crutches......................................$ 1400 US

    Prescription for pain pills..........................$ 19 US

    3 minute visit with an Orthopedic Surgeon to give me the OK to fly home for treatment (required
    by my travel insurance).............................$ 250 US

    Total............................................. ...........$ 2619 US or $ 3200 CAN +/-

    All the above costs covered by my $ 15 CAN travel insurance policy.......PRICELESS!!!!

    I hate to imagine what the cost would have been if I had to have my surgery done in the States.

    PLEASE , PLEASE get some travel insurance when you go out of country for any reason.

    Take care.

    PS. I used "Travel Insurance Coordinators" ( ). They took excellent care of me.
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    Thanks for the post. Kind of re-inforces my paranoia about buying travel insurance even if I'm down in the U.S. for one day.
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    This is a great example of how travel insurance is SO important. Most of us think about getting insurance when going on vacation but a lot of us don't think of it if we're just going across the border for a day. If you get in an accident while in the States during your day outting and you haven't purchased medical insurance then you're f**ked! Surgery for example costs MANY thousands. If you regularly go across the border for day trips and you don't want to have to purchase an insurance policy each time then get medical insurance that covers you for the whole year. It doesn't cost much.

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    thanks for the post! being so close to the border and travelling back and forth often, i forget that we're not covered down there. thanks again!

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    IIRC my policy with ING covers my family (4) up to 30 days out of Canada (unlimited #of times) for $76/year. I have a US PO box for my magazine subscriptions so I am constantly going across. Then I usually go for a short ride before the return trip back to Canada. I'm also planning to do some rides around northern WA and ID. so travel insurance is a must.
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    My travel health insurance is on my Visa card. Card is $120 per year and has other perks as well. Had to use the insurance in Wyoming on a MC trip. All you do is call the emergency number on the card, they give you a file number. Give the card and file number to hospital and they know the coverage is open ended. Hospital sends bill to Visa who sends you a copy. I figure my visit paid for the card for 10 years at least. This way, you are automatically covered even if you decide to go across the line at last minute. Great peace of mind, and free trip to Hawaii in December/04

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    The standard travel insurance policies have exclusions for "hazardous activities". If you are doing anything at all hazardous, you need to check that you have the right coverage or you could be screwed.

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    kent shared a story with us about a previous group ride down to mt st helens and how a guy who didnt have med insurance had an 'incident' at the summit. think he ended up breaking his collarbone and ribs if i remember correctly and because he didnt have insurance he couldnt afford to go to the hospital and poor kent had to double him back for something like 7 hours before the guy couldnt take the pain anymore and asked to be left at a BK where he called his wife to pick him up. his wife ended up getting lost so he was stranded there for a few extra hours. all for $15

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    In 1994, I had my appendix out in Boston: US$18,000
    Amount covered by BCMedical: CDN$1,400, what it could cost here, including our hypothetical CDN$100.00/day hospital room vs US$650/day reality.
    Balance on my travel insurance

    I paid for the full surgery with my VISA and got 5% back in Ford dollars

    My doctor in Vancouver had a laugh reading my itemized bill

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    I looked into my company policy for travel insurance to see how it worked. You want a policy that pays your medical bills up front and not out of your pocket. Always bring the telephone hotline and your pin # with you on rides. I will have to get into the fine print because insurnace companies are sneeky. That answer about Dangerous Activities is a good ? to see if the fkers have a clause on that.

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    Yep, check policy. I wiped out and trashed my shoulder, while travelling, so my arm is in a sling I can't ride my bike back so I call the airport. Over $1G to fly home.

    I figure I better check to be sure that my insurance would cover it.

    So I call the number on the card.

    Nope not covered. How do I get home?

    They said that isn't covered because I was going to go home at some point.

    Sure but I can't ride with one arm and in massive pain!

    Sorry get your own way home, besides the insurance is only during the emergency stage.

    Once I left the hospital there was no coverage. (not quite true as I did put in a claim for some stuff)

    So I'd say check your coverage but only in writing. When I told a buddy this he asked the rep who was giving a presentation in front of the work group. That rep said everything was covered, but while he said everything was covered he didn't really, he just let people believe that everything would be covered. Slick but still a bold face lie.

    You want Health AND Travel insurance. Emergency travel health insurance is just that, emergency only. Once the emergency is over, so is the insurance.

    My coverage was with Blue Cross but all policies and companies are different.

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    FYI: If anyone is looking into travel insurance:

    BCAA has a plan that costs roughly $44 a year. You are covered all year for up to 5 days per trip. Since most of us only go for short day trips, it's best to pay $44 a year. Converting that into single day insurance (which was a minimum $15), 3 trips a year covers you. Note, my prices are off the top of my head and probably very wrong. Good luck shopping everywhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter
    I looked into my company policy for travel insurance to see how it worked. You want a policy that pays your medical bills up front and not out of your pocket. Always bring the telephone hotline and your pin # with you on rides. I will have to get into the fine print because insurnace companies are sneeky. That answer about Dangerous Activities is a good ? to see if the fkers have a clause on that.
    You better ask your insurance provider exactly what they cover you for out
    of country. Some cheap ass policies have it in the fine print that if you're not
    out of country on business, you're not covered.

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    Do any of you know if I can get wage loss insurance for myself. I know some of you are covered by policies that you have at work but can I buy my own and use it if I crash racing. Point being last year I lost 3 months of work and had to go on EI and they pay the shits........
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    Great thread by Jjoohhnn and others, very interesting.

    Makes me glad to be a Canadian.

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