whats a good learner bike????
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Thread: whats a good learner bike????

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    Talking whats a good learner bike????

    hey all Im sorta ne to this so please be nice

    I want a bike I dont feel like sitting on the back of my guys bike, looks too boring, what is a good learner bike, I have knee problems but want something somewhat light!!!

    what s good????

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    if you have knee problems that will likely be an issue. aside from that, a good learner would be an sv650(suzuki), a ninja 250. Really need more info on what you're looking for to be accurate, ie. price range, if looks matter, etc. Im of the opinion you could learn on anything, but the wisest would be a cheap piece of crap that wont devalue when you drop it, and then just sell the shitter when your ready or keep it around for your buddies to learn on.

    heres one: http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=44289

    try a search for this topic and you'll find a wealth of info.


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    Now learn how to do a search on internet forums. Theres at least 20 threads on the subject on BCSB.

    But the short answer is: any bike that you will feel confortable on. Try as many as you like(I hope you had the chance of going to the bike show!) and get the feel for what is right.

    You're gonna get many different answers on what is a good starter bike. But the reality is that I have seen people having a hard time master scooters and other jump almost right on litre bikes, for first bikes.

    And this better not be Joe or Hakeem starting another bullshit thread...
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    huh ? i dont bullshit ,,,who me ????,,

    hahhaha it aint me thats for sure ,

    ,but if it was you just fell for it hook line and sinker !

    I agree a good learner bike is whatever is comfortable .You dont need big HP you'l just create more probs ,,or at least more work for me ,,,,,,hmm on second thought get a busa

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    unfortunately i didnt get to the bike show, I had surgery that day but thanks for the help so far folks , Ive looked at a few 250's so far by kawi and it was nice, havent looked at anything bigger, I cant lift a 600 kawi I know that , price range any also


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    Quote Originally Posted by fz1

    thanks that really helped!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by savagebovine
    ...a good learner would be an sv650(suzuki), a ninja 250.
    I agree. It really depends on how tall you are. I'm far from tall () and I felt super comfortable on my 2000 Ninja 250 for my first two seasons riding.
    After that I moved up to an 02 Honda F4i.
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    Peacha - heal first....I hope you get well soon.
    But -Great question! I took a look at the website posted above and it was a terrific read! I would definately follow their suggestions. Remember - if height is a problem, ask the dealership if your bike can be lowered. Take a safety course. Ride a bicycle for awhile (no kidding - get your balance) buy your bike and have fun! And, don't worry about the cc. size of the bike you start out on. In the mid 70's I started on a Honda 50! Yes - the teeny tiny dirt bike (I don't think they make that model anymore). Had alot of fun learning! When I bought my first street bike it was a Kawasaki 250 cruiser style motorcycle. That was fun too! After riding on the back of a Harley for awhile 10 years ago (which, by the way, I will not do again....just cause I like to be up front) I've purchased a GS500F Suzuki. I had it lowered just cause I was used to cruiser's - and last season was a blast! Now I'm looking into moving up to a Honda VFR800 or Vstrom.
    Remember - you can always climb up the ladder from small cc's to larger each year - as your confidence and skill level improve, but it's alittle harder to start at big cc's and move down. It's about confidence, learning the skill of the ride and most of all, having best time of your life! And remember - we've all been there. No worries.
    take care.

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    SV Chicklet
    I just started riding last year and bought an SV 650 Suzuki. It's an awesome bike and would definitely recommend it. I'm 5' 2" so chose to modify the bike: lowering kit, had the seat shaved and had lifts put inside my boots. My first spin out, before I made the modifications I dumped the bike on the smallest of hills so felt a need to be flat-footed. Also took a safety course.

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    If I were you I would buy a SV650 (not the S) and do it up like here --> http://www.motorcycledaily.com/19january05_svparts.htm
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    Ninja 250

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    I'd say a Ninja 250 or anything without a fairing. You can also try motocross like I did but then You still have to go over all the road stuff later but it's a good beginning. Learn small and work your way up.

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    I think you're going to have to go for a NEW 250. If you're light, it will have power. And be a light bike to learn on.

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    Scooter or a 250 Suzuki Marauder.

    My wife and I rode two of these things(250 Marauders) from the island to Penticton two summers in a row. They will handle highway speeds and go 300 klicks on a tank of gas. They will haul a big load too. We had a riot on those things for cheap money. Never had any trouble with them either.

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