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Thread: dog breeders?

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    dog breeders?

    anyone on here know anyone that breeds boxers? thought i'd be lazy and throw out a question.

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    hey SS i just got a PIT puppy.When it gets old enough to knock up some dog il give you one .hahahahha

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    I know someone who can put you in touch with a boxer breeder. This breeder's boxers are more of the old-style blockier ones apparently, not the spindly ones that most are today. PM me.
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    I dunno any breeders here, but if your gunna check into a boxer, check in DEEP ! they don't have a grea track record for health due to OCC style breading ( just throwin 2 of em together and see what ya come up with) Honestly, what little $ you save in a cheap breeder, you'll pay for somewhere down the line 2 or 3 times over in vet bills. look to pay $1500 for a good one with cert papers from a CKC breeder.
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