I need your crap!

I am building a home PVR system using Myth TV and Linux:

This PVR (or personal video recorder) allows me to watch, record and burn any TV program I want. It also acts as an entertainment center that I can watch DVD movies and DivX movies. It aslo is a gaming system with a smaller MAME and NES/SNES emulator in it. It also has a menu to organize a media library including DVD movies, pictures and music.
And the best part is it is free!

I got it working on my computer but I want to build my own PVR unit to run the front end software and connect to my PC which will act as the backend server.

What I need is this:

-Motherboard/CPU: around 800Mhz or so with AGP bus..don't care if it is Intel or AMD
-Hardrive: 10GB or so
-RAM: need about 384MB RAM (256+128); to match the Motherboard
-Video card with TV-out: must be s-video

So if you cheap parts you don't want PM me!