1982 Yamaha Seca 400cc. air cooled DOHC twin. Runs decent. does not smoke blue. No papers. but it is a local bc bike and is not stolen, so for somewhat of a hassle the papers can be had. i got it from a guy who's cousin owned it and got stabbed to death downtown and left no will, for a bike worth next to nothing he didnt want to go through the hassle of taking over ownership.
Condition- If you were to fix it up as a street ridden bike, it would need both tires, fork seals and front master cylinder.
If you were to get it for parts, heres what's good on it.
Motor-runs strong, doesnt smoke.
Chain good.
Shock good
Seat good-i re-covered it.
All turn signals good(rears original front aftermarket)
Headlight-so-so. it was cracked, i fixed it, so its usable but not very pretty.
Tank-usable but has 3 minor dents and minor surface rust inside. Left side side cover perfect,right side has the little part that pushes into the grommet broken off.
Front fender-good.
Battery-Good(made in 03')
.....Would be a perfect engine donor for another 400 yamaha twincam, or a go-kart.
Comes with a Yamaha shop manual
Would preffer to either sell the whole thing or at least the motor.
PM me.