Geared the bike? Tooth down? Couple teeth up? Custom bike? Imported American bike? Want to remove your ZX-12 speed limiter? Got a car with giant wheels on it?

Does your speedo read correctly? No. Even stock speedos are off by around %10. With this little gem you can find your gearing matix and tell your eletronic speedometer the right pulses and get the speed dead on. It is a very small unit and can be installed by anyone who know what a coloured wire is. This will NOT work on a cable speedometer bike. Installation is very easy and requires connecting 4 wires to the vehicle;

for more detailed in for go here:

These sell for $100 USD plus shipping from Australia. This unit is NEW IN BOX (well bag it came in) and is being sold for $100 CDN. Low ball me all you want, you won't get a reply. I'm already eating %50 on this so offers of $50 will go right to the bin.

PM me and we can arrange a swap of $ for product.