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    Sportbike Northwest Registration

    From WetLeather crossed posted by Bill

    Greetings Sportbike Northwest enthusiast,

    The official 2005 Sportbike Northwest website is online now at:

    As things take shape for the event, now is the time to set time aside in
    your schedule to join us for four days of great riding, good camaraderie
    and too much fun.

    There are a number of cool things coming together for this years event,
    including several seminars, another great movie night and yet another new
    Poker Run route which was routed last summer several days prior to the
    2004 event. It includes a number of roads we've never plugged into the
    event before.

    We will once again open the Maryhill Loops road. The VFR group has
    graciously volunteered to sweep it clean again and this year will have a
    chase truck on hand just in case.

    We've moved the event to the weekend before Labor Day in an effort to get
    a bit clearer weather. But as we all learned last year, even with the
    rain it is possible to get out in the Gorge and have a good time.

    Sportbike Northwest is a great event we enjoy doing. In order for the
    event to succeed it must grow. How many riding friends do we know who
    have still not experienced what we all know - the great roads, the good
    times and a sense of community like no other event. Lets make this the year to get them out there with us!

    As a courtesy to you I am extending a reduced rate of $69, $10 off the $79
    pre-registration fee for this year, through February 15th. This offer is
    extended only to past Sportbike Northwest participants, but get this ?
    until February 15th you can buy as many admissions to the 2005 event under
    your name as you want!!! We want to encourage you to get as many of your riding friends hooked on this event and enjoy what you have. Buy as many registrations now as you like and use the following promotion code:

    If you prefer to sign up by mail, the mail-in registration form is online.
    Simply write the code next to your credit card number.

    When buying additional registrations, please email us the name, email and
    postal address of each person you are buying a registration for.

    Since we've just launched the new site, there may be a glitch or two here
    and there. If you come across any such instances, please email me at or call me at 206-329-7808 ASAP.

    Best Regards,
    Tom Mehren
    Sportbike Northwest

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    The Hidden Jem of Sportbike West

    Here is why you want to attend :

    One of the crown-jewels of Sportbike Northwest is the Maryhill Loops road. The road is closed to the public, and for good reason – there’s 24 hairpin turns in 3.5 miles. Great if you’re on a sportbike, lousy if you were trying to maneuver an RV. And since it dead ends after 3.5 miles, you’ll have to turn your bike around and go back down. What a shame! 48 hairpin turns in seven miles! Scratch that trip to Laguna Seca and book your vacation time to Sportbike Northwest!

    The road was built in 1914 by Sam Hill and was the first paved road in the state of Washington. It was deemed unfit for travel by the DOT in the 60’s and closed. In the late 1990’s the DOT reground the entire surfaced and paved it anew. Today it’s only open to walkers, bicyclists and few select motor vehicle events a year.

    The road will be open from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday only and will be a checkpoint on the Poker Run. Riders are required to show proof of insurance specific to their bike before entering the road (see bottom left). If you don’t have a current proof of insurance card, you will not be allowed on the road. However you may come to the checkpoint to draw a chip and get your poker card punched.

    If you plan to come ride the road and buy a Saturday only registration, you must purchase your registration at the Skamania Fairgrounds in Stevenson. One Day registrations will not be sold at the entrance to the Maryhill Loops road.

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    isnt this the same weekend as sportbike west?? two events in the same weekend?
    Some just dont get it......others do.

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