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    Kevlar Jeans

    What you ppl think of the KBO Kevlar lined jeans? I was trying on a pair today and they fit okay bit loose at the waist, they only come in even sizes. What do you think about the protection it can offer?

    I don't want to ride with a suit, or leather pants because its heavy and hot. I heard that if you take a spill with textile you can run the risk of melting the stuff to your skin in a fall.

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    people gotta stop worrying and just acquire some cool scars along the path of their riding. road rash looks dope when it's healed. the best part of crashing is telling the stories later when you're healed and showing off scars-unless you die of course-in which case gear probably wouldn't have saved ya anyways.

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    Buy some leathers.
    Textiles are for luggage

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    Kevlar jeans are only good for riding around in the city where speeds are not as high. And because they are thick and heavy, they're really not that much more cooler in the heat.

    They do sell perforated leather which makes the summer much more bearable. And it's always better to sweat than bleed. Just remember to wear some thin wicking tights like Underarmour... otherwise you'll be trapped in your leathers from the sweat.

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    I Have two pairs of the Draggin Jeans(1-jeans,1-cargo pants),they look similar to the KBO type.I really like them,comfy and stylish.Good for around town and stunting.Better than regular jeans but of course not as good as leather.I also bought the removable armour(knee/shin pads).
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