Paint stripping? and wheel bearings!
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Thread: Paint stripping? and wheel bearings!

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    Paint stripping? and wheel bearings!

    Does anyone know of a good product to take the paint off my wheels? I am going to get them powder coated and can save some money by taking the paint off myself. Also how long should wheel bearings last?...can you repack them with grease or should I buy new ones. They have just under 15,000 km on them. One more question do I need a special tool to get the bearings out or can I take them out with a punch? Appreciate any input! Cheers
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    When I repainted my car, I chemically striped it down to the bare metal. I used this Aircraft Coating remover (from Lordco), not sure of the brand name. It went way faster than sanding. Just brush it on, wait for it to bubble, scrap off with a scraper. Use thick gloves, goggles and a mask. This stuff really stinks and burns your skin. After its all off, your need to clean the metal up, with some type of wax/grease remover.

    My buddy who helped me was a body man in a paint shop, you could always ask someone at a local paint shop if you can do this (i may be missing something..too many fumes hehe). I painted my car in 2000 and it still looks good.
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    You may want to check out the following site as it has several articles on stripping wheels

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