Ok I am currently in the market for a 2000+ gsx-r 750

I've always loved the gsx-r but never really liked the exhausts. I've looked at undertail exhausts made for the gsx-r but none really seem to look good and flow with the style of the bike. After flipping through the pages of 2 wheel tuner i saw a gsx-r with the stock exhaust off a honda 600rr. Now while i still dont like the look of the exhaust it got me thinking.

Would a 05 R1 dual undertail exhaust system work with a 2000+ gsx-r 750?

I know custom midpipes would be needed and some custom bracketry to hold it all up, however my only concern is getting the bike tuned properly with this exhaust, that and i am not sure about how the exhaust would sound afterwards?

any imput or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also i am not sure, but i might have to widen the rear tail to accomodate the exhaust under and away from passengers legs etc.

Thanks in advance for any imput!