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    Cars /Art /Nissan pathfinder /and more...

    1. Andy Warhol / Wayne Gretzky silkscreen 256/300 Most likely gonna ebay it but gonna chuck it up to see...
    link to andy

    2. Nissan Pathfinder 1987 $2250-
    Nissan V6 listing

    3. Pontiac sunbird 1986 $500-YEs dropped it hundred bucks 500 takes it...
    Sunbird 1986

    4. BFgoodrich allterrains 16 LT265 75R 16
    BF goodrich

    5. online sale of stuff adding and revising as i type
    a bunch of items

    6 a sweet a64 computer brand new with and without monitor prices at top
    A64 machine
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    bump to Nissan Lowered price $2250
    And the sunbird $500-

    Moving the gear to bring in a 4runner to do a 350 swap this month!

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