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    loco matt

    Suzuki Ts 200 R

    Does anyone know where aftermarket parts are available for this bike. I just bought a 1992 with under 3000 kms. It is a Japan Import and in Mint condition. I have looked for a pipe, air filter, jet kit, etc... But no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Matt

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    just sold it, looking for a new one...
    MODERN MOTORCYCLING in Vancouver, their website is not the greatest, but call them if you want parts for old Suzukis, they have been around for a long long time.

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    loco matt
    Thanks for the link, I never even thought about it. I will pay them a visit and see what they can help me with.

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    Try Windbell motorcycles in squamish. at least i think thats where theyre at. seen their ads in buy&sell a few times, selling jap market dual-sport bikes they may be able to get parts for them

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    loco matt
    I gave windbell a shout and they said that they can get me parts. They even said FMF made a pipe for this bike. I hope they can track one down for me.
    Thanks for the help!!

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