Sugestion for susuki GSF500
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Thread: Sugestion for susuki GSF500

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    Sugestion for susuki GSF500

    I was woundering how much should i buy a new GSF500 susuki. The retail is going for $6,799.00. I think 6400 would be reasonable. Do you think i can talk them down?


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    YES but they don't have as much room to move on the lower priced models so it is harder to find great deals. See if you can find someone else you might buy from and then go back and see if they will match.

    Try Blackfoot

    $5500 for a 2004, if you are willing to travel and pay cash.

    Paying cash is the way to deal, otherwise you have to look at extra paper work they have to do and the extra hassle/time.

    Call Blackfoot and ask.

    Keep in mind that if this is a first bike there is real value to having a relationship with a local dealer, but my experience says that if you do all your own work (and you should) that doesn't matter much.

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    This your first bike?

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