Flo Commanders?!?!?!
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Thread: Flo Commanders?!?!?!

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    Big Jonsie

    Flo Commanders?!?!?!

    Has anyone tried or know anything about flo commanders? They claim to make up to 8 HP...seems far fetched. The website has tons of good reviews but the product site cant really be trusted. Anyway...does anyone have anything to say about them....?

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    Head over to R1-Forums and dig up an old thread there, they had a few guys tryin them and posting reviews if I recall.
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    I've heard that they are mainly for people like AMA (or CMA) racers that go around to a different track and elevation every week or whatever. Its for changing the mixture and isn't really a power mod like a Power Commander, so to speak.

    And they are atrociously expensive. And I dont normally use words I cant spell to describe things.
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