such a thing as a black box on '01 f4i?
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Thread: such a thing as a black box on '01 f4i?

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    such a thing as a black box on '01 f4i?

    i figured you guys would know best.. i was just curious if your speedo or anything along those lines can keep track of your last travelled speed during an accident.. sorta like a black box in an airplane -- i thought it might be possible but now that i think of it, it doesn't sound right.

    any ideas?
    oh ps. and this wasn't like a random drop, it was a front end collision going from 60km/h+/- -> 0km/h like instantly sorta thing.. if that makes why i thought of this in the first place make any more sense haha - ah well


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    Yes, and the aliens are circling your house right now. You did remember to wear your tin foil helmet and suspend hangers from the ceiling of your room, didn't you?
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    We'd have to see a schematic of the bike elec systems. Most repair manuals have one.

    But my guess is no for an '01.
    Some newer vehicles do have this feature but its is mentioned specifically in the owners manual (Fords) so its not a huge suprise unless you dont read your owners manual (which most people dont) for your $$$$ purchase.

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    There are other ways. Through forensics a crime lab can determine approximately what speed you were travelling. For example if you bike has dual analog guages, when you impact something the needles bounce off the glass housing. Using infrared they can see where the needle hit the glass telling you your speed. Same as whether you had your headlights on or not (not so applicable nowadays) but the filament will be broken if on at impact because of how hot they are.

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