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    Any Good UK Online Store

    I have a brother-playing hockey over in Europe and have heard that it may be cheaper to buy products in the UK, anyone know any good sites to purchase from. What if any duties do I get hit with, if someone knows? The plan would be to have them shipped to him or even he will pick up if it works out.

    What I’d be looking for is the large items such as a wheel set and braking components.


    Also if anyone has any motard parts for a wr 450f -04, let me know what u have, I am just starting out and am very interested in any parts people have.

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    I know that Central Wheel Components used to have great prices on wheelsets--arai and myself bought our DRZ supermoto wheelsets there a couple of years ago--but that was when the CDN dollar was around .65 of the US dollar. In fact I used to get my sportbike parts from the UK as well, but with the exchange rate now it is much cheaper to shop in the US.

    If you do want to shop in the UK anyway, there are loads of shops out there just do a 5 minute search in Google and you should find loads of sites.


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