320mm/21 front
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Thread: 320mm/21 front

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    320mm/21 front

    anyone here using a 320mm rotor with a stock 21 wheel??

    whats the feeling like?

    what's the ebc part number? are there more than one that ebc offer's?

    is it the " supermoto oversize KIT"??

    i plan to have the bike on the track and im an aggresive rider, is this size rotor the way to go with a stock 21 rim?? im not interested in getting 17's right now.

    thanks for any reply.
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    I think you should go with the 520 mm rotors !!!! Cause you're going to have you brakes on all the time going around a track and need the XL rotors to keep the brakes cool!!! You need all the stopping power!!!

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