**Bridgestone Race / Street Tire Pricing**
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Thread: **Bridgestone Race / Street Tire Pricing**

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    **Bridgestone Race / Street Tire Pricing**

    Racer Price Per set

    120/180/55-17 $329.00
    120/190/55-17 $339.00

    125 slicks/Rains
    90/580-17/120/595-17 $310.00

    250gp slicks/rains
    125/60-17/165/60-17 $366.00

    Superbike slicks/rains
    125/600R17/180/640R17 $390.00

    BT-90 pro
    110/150-18 $325.00 Fzr 400
    120/160-17 $328.00 Sv650
    120/150-17 $327.00 motards
    120/140-17 $315.00 motards
    110/140-17 $309.00

    BT-012SS Street
    120/180-17 $375.00 installed
    120/190-17 $385.00 installed

    BT-014 Street
    120/180-17 $350.00 installed
    120/190-17 $360.00 installed

    Bt 002r
    Type 4-soft Type 3-medium Type 2-hard

    Slicks All
    YDC-u/soft YCX-soft YCY-Medium

    SuperSport Tire Compounds
    Compound Type Front Tire Track Temp. Rear Tire Track Temp.
    Type 4 Soft 50 - 122 Degrees F 50 - 73 Degrees F
    Type 3 Medium 68 - 140 Degrees F 68 - 122 Degrees F
    Type 2 Hard No Data Available 113 - 140 Degrees F

    **All prices include mount & balance.**

    I can advise on compounds if you need help with that as well.

    call or email. Cody 604.677.0736

    Please pm us for ordering or email

    Afew somewhat known riders on bridgestones
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    we slightly updated the post, there were a couple errors in price and to answer a few questions about profiles.All are updated now

    The rear 190 Bt002r is a 190/55-17 profile this is taller than the standard 190/50-17.

    180's are 55 profile-180/55-17

    As stated above the 002r's are slightly softer than most other DoT race tires of similer compounds.

    Heres a pic of one after a track day.This is only for real life referance of the tire as not alot of people have seen these in person.

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    If you order before the 14th all prices will be 5% off all prices. One time price. Ends Feb 14th.

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    Pre-order pricing has now ended,prices have been updated to what they will stay all season,We will still offer a slight discount on 3 or more sets purchased at 1 time.

    we are still accepting some resumes for tire support,remember not everyone will be chosen who submits a resume,if you are interested please drop off a resume at gp developments or contact cody.

    Also if there is any fast pro's/amateurs (lower than 1:15's at mission) out there who know setup and can give us some honest feedback on the Bridgestone Dot's,and would be interested in testing these tires, please contact us as well.Theres no obligation at all through the year.

    Gp Developments

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    BT014's street tires are now available, please see pricing as indicated above.

    Note: All prices include mount and balancing.

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