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    Hello to all,
    I am a new rider and owner and was just wondering if anyone could suggest a decent lock system for my bike. Also one that is not too pricey.

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    The two do not go together "decent lock system and not too pricey" U get what u pay for....Invest....money well spent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kneedragger047
    The two do not go together "decent lock system and not too pricey" U get what u pay for....Invest....money well spent.

    That being said, I have a Kryptonite lock for sale if you'd like?! PM me for more info...This is what I would recommend for a lock. I got 2 for christmas. Thus, one is for sale.

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    Is it for locking it at your house/parking area, or for when you're out and say at a store?
    for home use i got one of those big ass Kryptonite noose chains with a disk lock(Master,cheaper than kryptonite and havent heard of them as being easy to pick), that looped around this big chunk of metal i cemented solid into ground beside my driveway.
    When you're out.....best policy is not to let the bike out of your sight. other than that it's between a disk/wheel lock of some kind and an alarm, or both. alarms may drain your battery and will provide no physical resistance in case someone wants to throw the bike into the back of a truck, disk locks dont make noise while somoene is picking them and a bike can still be picked up and thrown into the back of a truck. disk locks are also annoying to use.

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    2003 R6? That's a very desireable bike to any theif. Spend the money, you won't get what you're into it from insurance and some of the best antitheft devices are about the same cost as a deductible. I use an anchoring system www.werksrite.net and a 3rd watch alarm.

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    The best lock you can get for it is the one on the door of your own garage. Beyond that the Bike Boot that the whole front wheel fits into is decent. The rest only slow them down for a short bit.

    Or invest in a hungry pitbull that sleeps by the bike....
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