Trying to clear the garage. The junk is cheap, prices are final.
#1 Plexifairing II by National Cycle. for cruiser/old standard bike. good wind protection for your body/head. good shape. 15$
#2 another plexifairing, good shape, different brand.15$
#3 Tank bra for yellow VTR 1000, half decent usable shape, 10$
#4 THH helmet, cruiser style,black, 3/4 face(open face but covers your ears) DOT approved, 10$ Large size.4 yrs old.
#5 pre-historic Arai helmet. Full face, silver, some light scratches,with visor. no DOT or size sticker, fits like a Large. can have it for 5$
#6 old cruiser style black leather gloves, fit like Medium, decent shape, your's for 5$

pm me.