Where to get leather dyed?
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Thread: Where to get leather dyed?

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    Where to get leather dyed?

    I am not sure if this will work or not, but I really do not like the colour of my 1pc suit (the price was great the colours were not) so I was curious if it was possible to get the more unpleasant colours dyed black? It is perforated so I am not sure that is a big deal or not, and I would like about 70% of the suit dyed but first I have to find somewhere to take it.

    I do not know many places that work with leather suits, even fewer that may handle such a dye job, but if you know of someplace that does this kind of thing please post up.


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    Try calling Mylos (pronounced "Mee-Los"), who owns The Original Leather Factory in Vancouver (123-2323 Boundary Rd.), 604-298-3770. He makes and repairs leather riding gear, and can re-colour/dye leathers too.

    But before you do it, be sure the leather's surface will hold the colour or it will likely rub off; you might end up wishing you hadn't fixed something that wasn't broken!

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    My dealership and lots of other shops deal with New Creations, mobile upholstery repair. they do all sorts of fabric/leather/vynil/plastic repairs and dying. i am sure they can dye your jacket. the name of the guy we normally deal with is Larry.

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    You can do it yourself and save some money.

    (that's just one hit on a search of these forums. there are others too)

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