Motocross gear?
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Thread: Motocross gear?

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    Motocross gear?

    I've been doing a lot of searching the archives of this forum and other forums about riding pants. I actually don't have a motorcycle liscence right now and am really just trying to figure out if i can afford to get into this sport...

    I think i've figured out all my potential gear except for the pants. I was planning on getting some fieldsheer titanium air pants for when i feel like wearing shorts at my destination, or when i feel like going for a cruise. But, i also want to be able to wear jeans to school, work whatever and was curious about motocross gear, in some threads on other forums, some people have mentioned that you can put on some motocross knee/shin pads to add some protection, do you guys think that having this added protection with jeans will be enough for just a commute to school?

    I don't really plan on doing any spirited riding, yet. When i do, i'll get some leathers, but for now, i'm really just more concerned with the cruising/commuting to school type thing. i'll only have the bike insured during summer months so i don't really have to worry about the elements and whatnot.

    thanks for your input.

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    motocross gear is for motocross. unless you've got a full armor shell underneath like in some supermoto application. I find I cant help but wheelie and slide around corners when I'm out riding so I always make sure I'm ready for it.

    I dont think my motocross pants would hold up too well in a street slide. And yes knee pads could help but I find that when motocrosse'in and downhill mountainbiking pads have a habit of sliding 2 inches left or right when you need them. on a mountainbike its not as big of a problem, but when sliding down the road on your ass it might be

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    One guy I rode with had a pair of shift freestyle motocross pants for warmer weather. When he got to his destination, he would just unzip the bottom part of the pants and they would turn into shorts. I'm sure they don't protect as well as sportbike-specific textile pants would but they probably do a better job then jeans would.

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    i just got a pair of fox motocross pants (panther 2) and i love them, i am going to get underarmour but i found these fit better than any motorcycle textile pant i have tried, my height is the main reason for this- 6'4

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