Good to see a lot more bikes on the road :)
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Thread: Good to see a lot more bikes on the road :)

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    Good to see a lot more bikes on the road :)

    Its only mid Feb and i m already seeing a lot of bikes on the road...cruisers, sportbikes n all. I think its great cause the more bikes on road = more 2 wheel awareness for cagers thus hopefully a friendlier or safer season for all

    I hope i m shootin in the right direction.


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    But then again the likely-hood of fatalities and accidents increases. Ride safe all.

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    I was amazed ...this year i saw a lot more riders in December and January than ever. Maybe cause i havnet payed attention before but i did notice a lot of motorcycle accidents. One in particular outside our house...poor sole died...Hit by a GARBAGE truck!!! Cagers need to be more aware of riders!!!!

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    I saw some crazy fool riding home on Hwy1 last night at ~11pm on what looked like an old 9 or 7R. The temperature must have been hovering around freezing; there was frost on the road and everything. To whoever it was, Big Up Yourself! BOOYAKASHA!
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    seeing all these other bikes on the road just makes me jealous and makes it that much harder to wait until my March 1 bike back on the road date. in a way i wish i was as brave and hardcore as some of these winter riders, but then again when i get into my car to go to work at 6:45am in the freezing cold morning, i'm real glad i have the chance to sit back, relax and turn up the heat.
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