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    Headphone Amps

    Anyone here use those headphone amps? Ive been looking at em tested a few even the cheepies offer better sound and higher db, then just using MP3, or CD or what-have-you for your music maker box. Now that I figured out that I can wear non-plug type headphones in my helmet . And to think I got laughed at for my KBC.
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    I tend to like things with sennheiser stamped on them

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    I second the sennheiser recommendation at a general level.
    Still, be careful what specifically you invest in. Nothing replaces a listening test.
    I've had good and not-so-good experiences with different models.
    I'm not talking about amplification specifically, but their headphones.

    Grado makes some damn nice stuff too.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of headphones and player are you intending to use?
    I would think with the right combination of the two, the headphone amplifier isn't really that much of an improvement.
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    I have spent a lot of time jonesin around headphone enthusiast sites and have used a bunch of headphone amps...

    If volume and quality is what you want but you don't want to spend a lot, I would suggest to forget the headphone amp and buy a good pair of EFFICIENT earbuds or headphones. Headphone amps are really to improve sound quality and you really gotta have VERY expensive headphones in order for them to be worth while and then some people will say they are a waste of money.

    If you want good earbuds to wear under your helmet I would recommend the Shure E-2's. You can order them through Long and McQuade for $99. They are very efficient and the sound while not audiophile is good enough in my opinion.

    There is another thread on BCSB about a month ago about earbuds which includes some talk of the E-2 that were initially recommended by another rider here.

    The audiophile earbuds start at $350 and go over a thousand bucks. A headphone amp to me would be another distraction that you don't need on a bike. I own a pair of Etymotic earbuds that are considered the best sealed phone/buds period but they are unusable with a helmet for more than an hour. After that they get painful to wear. They should be used with a headphone amp but a headphone amp on a bike... not going to go there. My mind is/should more on the riding than the music.

    Finally the E-2's are so efficient that I cannot get them near maximum volume level on my MP3 player without making my ears bleed.
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    I bought this at Radio Shack :
    I haven't had it that long, but it seems to work as promised. Way more volume .. not bad for $30.
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