What is this used for ???
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Thread: What is this used for ???

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    What is this used for ???

    Training wheels? Lean rails?

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    ithink that helps you to learn how far you can lean your bike without falling...i saw it on tv a year ago or somthing....but i dont think that's put down....you can put it down so it looks like a wing.....

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    looks like expresso machine attachment used for milk frothing

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    Chef is thinking of Keith Code's "slide bike". A ZX-6R equiped with out riggers so you can push the bike over the ragged edge without crashing, and to get comfortable with the limit.

    I would guess that the above rider does not have use of their legs(parapalegic) and requires an outrigger of sorts to be able to start (it appears to be a race bike judging from the number plate and transponder).

    I know there is a racer in California that used to race that was a paraplegic and he would always start each race from the back of the grid as he required someone to hold the bike on the line for him. Maybe they have taken it once step further so he can start where he qualified using the little out rigger.

    Those are my thoughts.

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    tokenboy, your right on the money.

    This discussion came up on another site (I forget which one at the moment), and it turns out a few of the members have raced with him. It helps him balance the bike at low speeds.

    I can't remember exactly what the condition of his is, but he is indeed handicap one way or another. Kudo's to him.
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    perfect example...this goes to show that it can take a lot to keep you down if you are determined...kudos to the rider for holding onto his passion despite unfortunate circumstances!!!

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