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    Yahoo / MSN Messenger

    I am looking for a free downloadable application similar to Yahoo or MSN Messenger that can do video and audio calls. However, the only issues I have is that both audio and video need to be 'tunneled?' into an HTTP stream. Both Yahoo and MSN require either a tonne of ports to be opened on your firewall, configuring triggered ports or a uPNP capable firewall.

    The person(s) at the other end of my 'conversation' does not have a uPNP firewall, nor do they have a budget for such a device. I must also assume that they're on a firewalled network and are NOT the network admin (ie. they have no privledges to open ports or otherwise screw with said firewall)

    Any suggestions?
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    NetMeeting? It's more of a direct call to the IP address rather then thru HTTP...
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    Skype? It only needs one port, but I seem to recall something in the config screen about using an HTTP proxy. Audio only though.
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