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    scooter help

    ok, i got a friend with a very old scooter, im not sure what make or model, but she's got a problem. she's got a couple kids and so she hasnt ridden the thing for a couple years. she called me today to check it out for her b/c she couldnt start it. she says she cant get it into neutral(not sure if she knows what she's doing, but i think she knows at least that much), and says when she pulls the clutch in and trys to kick it over, the kick start just feels like it slides(sounds like its not turning the engine). Im heading over there at 6pm.

    could there be a clutch problem, or do you normally need to start these things in N?

    it doesn't seem likely that there's an issue with the tranny, but are there any tricks to get a tranny into N if its having some problems getting there for unknown reasons?

    what other things should i check? ie. battery fluid, fouled plugs, bad connections with coil if it has one(would it?), water in tank, etc.

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    If it wasn't stored properly, the gas could have turned into a sludge in the carbs and it will be very difficult to start. I'm not sure how technically inclined you are, but start by checking to see if there's a spark in the plug when you try to start it. Then work backwards or forwards from there...


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    It sounds like it is either a c70 passport or ct70/90 or something like that. they use a 3 speed semi automatic with a centrifugal clutch and a linkage from the shifter that also operates the clutch. their will be a screw/locknut arrangement on the right side engine cover if it is one of these models. Loosen the lock nut, turn the screw in untill slight resistance is felt then back it out 1/4 turn and tighten the nut. If that fails then it will need a set of plates and springs in the clutch. The plates have a habit of glazing and they loose what friction they had. The reason it won't kick start is because the kick start operates through the transmition/clutch to turn the engine over.
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    Dunno what kinda scoot she's got but both Vespas and Lambrettas are started in NEUTRAL with the clutch OUT.

    Sounds like what you've described.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed
    If it wasn't stored properly, the gas could have turned into a sludge in the carbs and it will be very difficult to start.
    Yes, I would start with the gas and work out from there. If the petrol is 2 years old it will have transformed into a watery mess.

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