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Thread: Too Early in the season

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    Arrow Too Early in the season

    Coming home from Squamish today. Heading south bound on Granville st towards Marine Dr East. Just before the underpass of Auther Lane. A-hole in Black bimmer X-5 changes lanes and clip me. Right side of the bike is toasted.. Brand new 04 R6. 500km. I flew about 20 - 30 feet.

    Even though I had full suit on, chest hurts like hell. Major bruses. All this didn't pisses me off...... wut make me so choke was a-hoe didn't even care how I feel and if I was hurt. All he wants to establish is that I am at fault. WTF..... Got a witness and his contact #. Icbc appt on Monday.

    Lawyer myself up guys?? the icbc representative indicates he is disputing.
    I'll probably have to miss work for 2 weeks. Can't breath properly.

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    If you have an independent witness who can collaborate your story and the other guy only has his word then u should be able to nail him. The next big trick will be to make sure ICBC gives you full compensation for what happened. If you meet with ICBC and u find their not buying your story and the witness isn't working out then you better check out a lawyer.
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    Yeah, early on in the season is always bad because no one expects bikers yet.

    But what a prick! Nail his ass.
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    Get a lawyer and roast the F*cker! Without a lawyer ICBC will do it's best to give you as little as possible. Being Asian myself I think I can say it was probably a stupid fricken Asian driving that X5. Send the f*cker back.

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    Oh yeah. Glad your somewhat ok.

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    well, you may be bruised but alive. Sorry to hear about the bike dude... not even 1000k on the poor thing. I would personally say get lawyered up and go after the guy with full ammunition
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    Quote Originally Posted by flowrider
    being Asian myself I think I can say it was probably a stupid fricken Asian driving that X5. Send the f*cker back.
    I never heard that coming from an asian , that's so funny.
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    Not really when it comes to Asians in North America, there are 2 types:
    The FOB
    The CBC

    The FOB usually cannot speak english well, have their parents buy them a car (a nice one), sometimes join a gang, hang around asians only (the ones speaking their language most of the time), and spend most of their time playing games or hanging around (mostly rich of course).

    The CBC usually cannot speak Chinese (or whatever nationality they are) very well, usually have average amount of money like the majority, go clubbing in Vancouver or whatever, spend most of their time doing anything but nothing, and sometimes do drugs.

    I think I'm somewhat in the middle. But anyway, that is the conflict between the 2 types of asians in this country. The FOBs think the CBCs are whitewashed by white people, and the CBCs think FOBs should go back to their country because they don't want to get along with the white people in this country (not always the case).

    Of course this is all stereotypical, so obviously this isn't all true. But I'm just pointing out the small conflict we have.

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    Anyway, instead of hijacking this thread. I will for once contribute. Yes, I agree go nail him with a lawyer and sue him to the point that HIS only transportation will be by foot.

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    It also reflects in their attitudes on the road.
    CBC's generally drive pretty normal (as per most Canadians) with an eye out for their fellow motorist.
    FOB drivers come in two types, the dazed and confused slow as molasses "I NO SEE, I NO SEE" type and the GT3 wannabes with a fart canned honda/acura .

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    Give ICBC a chance to do it fairly first. They get incredibly jumpy when you
    mention the word "Lawyer" and will refuse to deal with you on any reasonable
    basis after that, knowing they don't have to move until the trial date two years
    after you start the proceedings.

    Keep in mind settling for the bike can be independant of settling on any injuries,
    lost time, etc. Usually you can settle on the vehicle and replacement transport
    (you did rent a car, right?) within a week or so. There shouldn't be a lot of
    debate over the value of the bike with 500kms on it

    Injuries can take up to 6 months to manifest, so don't settle for any of that
    until at least that time has passed. GO SEE A DOCTOR, NOW!! Failure to do
    so may invalidate any claims you have related to a tweaked back, etc. down
    the road.

    Don't sign anything right away, and be wary of the forms and releases they
    want you to sign. "I need my dad to look over this with me" is a safe answer.

    If they don't want to play nice, or want to do some lame ass 50/50 blame
    thing I can recommend a good lawyer.

    Call in the accident to the police, since it's more than $600 in damage, as
    required by law. Give your account, and the info of your witness. Press hard
    for charges, it will help you avoid fault. "Unsafe lane change" is a no brainer

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    I don't know if I fall into the FOB category... but one thing i want to make it clear...

    If you want FOB to head back to thier orgin, refund the F@#king taxes they had paid including any investments that has been put into this country. Otherwise, shut the f#@k up.

    For the black bimmer x-5 guy, nail him, he should shoulder check and be more careful.
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    I like to talk about things I don't know :)

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    Shit man, glad you're mostly alright. I agree with the majority so far, see how ICBC does first, and if you're not happy or it's going the wrong way, then it's time to try something else.

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    i would see what ICBC would have to say and what they are going to give you in compensation for your bike and for missing work... see how they declared who is at fault if it doesn't go your way then get a lawyer, or if you don't get the right compensation see what your legal options are...
    like everyone says ICBC usually will try and give you the less amount possible. make sure that you are covered for a couple of years for back problems or anything like that related to the accident, because it might show up later...

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    gald to hear you're somewhat alright. like most ppl here, i would also wait to see what ICBC is going to do first.

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